From Japanese meaning waste
Mudano. No waste.

Mudano is an IT change consultancy that uses project data to make decisions. We help large corporates, such as financial institutions and utilities, deliver change more efficiently. 

We define the measurable business value of a project at the outset and manage delivery against this – and not the scope – to ensure we deliver the right outcome for our clients. We capture data on projects and use it to make informed decisions. We call this Delivery Science™.

We developed Sharktower  to make this possible. Reporting is automated, based on real-time data and visible to all. Using machine learning, Sharktower predicts issues and guides better decision making.

A typical large IT change project will more than likely blow its budget, has a one-in-three chance of overrunning and a 17% likelihood of bringing down the company. Mudano was founded by four consultants from a Big Four practice who knew there was a better way to manage change.

Since 2014 we’ve grown rapidly into a 65-strong team of delivery managers, data scientists, engineers and designers who are all focused on removing muda from processes, projects and organisations. This is Mudano’s mission.