From Japanese meaning waste
Mudano. No waste.

Mudano is developing the autonomous project. Our mission is to harness project data to help people make the best decisions.

We capture data on projects – such as daily tasks, meeting notes, team sentiment, resource information and project progress – and use it to guide better decision-making. Using machine learning we can predict the path of a project, helping teams to foresee issues, improve productivity and deliver efficiently. We call this Delivery Science™.

We work with our clients to transform how they conduct change, ensuring projects deliver value to the business rather than a sole focus on technical scope. We run workshops with stakeholders to establish the value of a project at the outset, setting Business Value Goals which we can measure.

We are running some of the most complex change programmes and portfolios in the industry with budgets exceeding £100m. Our world-class consulting teams lead large-scale data, system integration and business transformation projects for financial services clients – our current sector focus. Within the next two years we plan to expand into telecoms and utilities.

Mudano was founded in November 2014 by an executive team with a background at the world's top delivery consultancies who knew there was a better way to deliver change. We have grown rapidly since – roughly doubling in team size and revenue each year – a trend we expect to continue. We are now an 80-strong team of delivery managers, data scientists, engineers and designers who are all focused on removing muda from processes, projects and organisations.