Behaviours that will move frontiers…. Purple People

Jo Hayward

The start of the journey. How do you solve a problem like Mudano?

Purple people

We pride ourselves on being different. Being able to change the world together, on prototyping and imagining within intelligence.

So when it comes to making Mudano a great place to work our biggest challenge was understanding our collective ambitions for greatness and accommodating the hugely diverse thought across the business.

The answer – The People & Culture Working Group.

A weekly forum, attended by representatives across the business engaged in proposing new ideas, responsibly debating, approving or rejecting initiatives aimed at making Mudano a great place to work.

Start small, aim big and trust in responsible decision making.

In the last 3 months the People & Culture Working Group promoted and approved:

  • Coaching first: Developed a coaching training course and rolled it out to 50 people across the business
  • Scale the business but feel connected: Developed an interactive network diagram of everyone, their role, their coach across the business
  • Mudano women: Established a community, calendar of events both internal and external
  • Make HR policies understandable: Leveraging our data visualisation skills we actively reviewing and upgrade each of our HR policies to be more understandable
  • eNPS, listen, share, act: Don’t just survey your staff. Show them the results too and together develop the solutions

Making Mudano a great place to work is the responsibility of everyone here. The difference is, we are not just responsible, we are empowered to make the change.

Why would any company choose not to be when we all know (and studies show) that it brings many benefits

  • Diverse teams bring greater innovation and creativity
  • Diverse teams solve problems faster and make decisions faster
  • Welcoming diverse candidates means a greater pool of candidates and a greater chance of getting the right person for the job
  • It boosts your employer brand, with diversity and inclusion initiatives becoming key factors in decisions to join a company

The answer is usually companies don’t choose, instead they allow big and small decisions and unconscious bias to change the shape of a company.

We all have unconscious bias, it is the way we learn to navigate the world, instinctively categorising people and assigning traits to anyone we subconsciously put in those groups.

At Mudano we recognise this, working on increasing our awareness and challenging and changing behaviours.

In recruitment there are no unnecessary checklists: MBA or learnt on the job, first career or third career, big four or boutique consultancy, suits or jeans our job specs have been finely tooth combed to ensure they focus on what you can do, not whether you have the “right” background.

A diverse pipeline generates a diverse team, our recruitment agencies are tasked with sourcing a wide range of applicants, all then go through the same rigorous interview process to get the right Mudano person for the job.

Our processes and policies are looked at through a diversity and inclusion lens, are we enforcing a certain behaviour or type of person by unnecessary rules?

We have our diversity network, Mudano Women, acting as a sounding board and debating and identifying ways to make Mudano better.

At Mudano we know we don’t know everything and so interaction with external groups is important to us. From LGBTX communities to Women in Tech and BAME conferences, we relish input, discussion and debate.

It is about making Mudano an employer of choice, a diverse, inclusive workplace where you can be yourself whilst changing the world bit by bit.


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