Graeme Asquith: My first 100 days at Mudano

Graeme Asquith
Chief Customer Officer

Reflecting on an incredible first 100 days with Mudano…

In that time we’ve hired 40 more consultants, continuing the exponential growth we’ve experienced since we formed the business.

We’ve announced a £6.9m investment in our software business (including a government grant) and the creation of 40 highly skilled jobs in Edinburgh.

We’ve gone live with our new website, and this month sees the internal launch of the next version of Sharktower – our data-led project management platform, pioneered to augment lean delivery methods.

What we can do with analytics and machine-learning blows my mind. The projects we are working on across financial services and the R&D we are doing in our lab are truly game changing. Everything from next-generation CDOs to industry data solutions that will change business models. We’re writing some stories that bring to life the work we do and I can’t wait to share them.

I’d underscore everything I said in my article when I joined in July. The ‘what, why and how’ of Mudano that tempted me away from a great job with a great company is 100% true. I feel very fortunate to work with an amazingly talented team of people who have moonshot ambitions AND crucially the ability to execute.

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