How can you extract real meaning and value from your data in 2019?

Graeme Asquith
Chief Customer Officer

We understand the unique balance of data storytelling, design and data engineering required to make analytical insights drive behaviour change. Our systematic approach can prepare, organise, model and visualise your data to support business teams identifying patterns and opportunities.

Data Analytics

From the very beginning of Mudano, our mission has been to create a step-change in the value that our clients are able to extract from their data – helping them run their businesses more effectively, support strategic decisions and ultimately deliver a better service to their customers.

Whilst analytics and data engineering sits at the heart of this, we know that the way information is designed and presented plays a huge part in business adoption. We’ve also learnt that sustained behavioural change doesn’t just happen, however insightful the analysis or good the visualisation.

At Mudano that means we have all the data and delivery skills you would expect, but many that you might not. World-class information designers creating dynamic, interactive dashboards, behavioural change experts designing data-led experiences to drive engagement and adoption, branding experts and graphic designers creating identities for CDOs to foster data-culture.

For us the job isn’t done until the business value is delivered, and delivering this value needs all these skills.

The challenge

Our customer – a large high street bank – had an interesting challenge for us. A multi-billion pound change portfolio, where the ex-co were reliant on accurate management information about literally hundreds of projects to support strategic decision making. But like many organisations the existing MI was extremely complex, with no reliable single source of truth. The data needed to be simplified and visualised in a more accessible form to enable better and faster decisions and deliver greater business value.

Our solution

We never settle for just a little better. We knew we had to help our client revolutionise their MI across the change portfolio. No more PowerPoint, no massaging the data, no more caveated numbers, no more cluttered pages. Working together with the bank we created MI dashboards of such high utility that traditional slide deck updates were completely replaced, freeing up resource that could be focused on higher value-add activities instead.

This was a real step-change for the bank – beyond ambitious. Our designs broke traditions and drastically refocused the visuals. But our client advocated this step-change in visualisation philosophy to surface the raw data – warts and all – understanding that this is the only real way to motivate data owners to fix data quality at source and generate a consistent version of the truth.

Supporting our client to adopt new ways of working was our next challenge. We designed a physical space to create an experience that utilises a collaborative, interactive and highly visualised environment for surfacing the big issues and the process for resolving them. We accelerated decision-making by providing universal access to a single, consolidated version of reliable and accurate data in one specific location which brought leaders together creating rapport, trust and empathy.

You might be thinking that physical experience design is unusual for a data consultancy. You’re right, but then we are an unusual data consultancy. We’re Mudano and we’re proud to be different.

The value we delivered

In just three months we developed a solution that exceeded all expectations. Executives have it on their iPads. Analysts access it from their desks. The solution spans a wide variety of reporting topic areas and a complex mixed hierarchy of waterfall and agile change. And we have a massive backlog – everyone wants to migrate their existing, clunky reports to our solution.

But the best is yet to come … before long we won’t only report the current status, we’ll also be able to predict future project status and identify issues in the change portfolio before they even arise.

Let us help you revolutionise the way you visualise your data. Let’s not sweep data issues under a carpet of manual fixes. Get these issues out in the open.

Be brave. Be Mudano.

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