Security on the cloud

Cloud will enhance your security, not compromise it

There still exists a hesitancy among some businesses to move their data to the cloud with data security often mentioned as one of the primary barriers to cloud adoption. In the debate between cloud and on-premises solutions, the argument for on-premises usually centres around being in control. 

However, this couldn’t be further from the reality of the cloud in terms of security. Properly implemented, adoption of cloud architecture will actually significantly increase your overall IT security.


A secure future 

According to Gartner by 2025, 99% of security failures will be a customer’s own fault. Meaning a question that businesses should ask themselves is ‘do you have a cloud security issue or a security issue full stop?” 

In a cloud-led world, security issues can be largely deemed to be a legacy of on-premises solutions as simply by moving your data on the cloud you can avoid a swathe of the common security pitfalls that befall on premies.


On-Premises vs cloud:

OP Security policies are only as good as the people that execute them

Whether it is securely storing the encryption keys, enforcing password management policies or onboarding new staff. Security of the on-premise ecosystem is only as good as the definition and execution of the policies that support it. 

Cloud Security policies are baked in, now and in the future

The cloud ecosystem allows you to benefit from best in class security pooled together from experts across the world. Many of the traditional policies and procedures come baked in – we do not have to rely on a single person/ function to ensure your prize assets are secure now and in the future.

Verdict: Cloud Wins


OP Access privilege quickly escalated

As access is managed at a system or server level, once you’re in, you’re in, and you can take your time escalating your access and gain access to other systems. From a point vulnerability, a hacker can get access to an entire system, including its interface with other platforms.

Cloud Privilege escalation is much more difficult

Everything is a resource – each folder, function, logfile, monitoring system and data pipeline has it’s own access privileges assigned. Because access is defined at a much more granular level it is significantly more difficult to gain access to other parts of the system.

Verdict: Cloud Wins


OP Break-in once – learn to hop across the network

In an on-premise IT landscape the bridges built between systems are hidden but static – they exist forever once built. Therefore once someone has access to a single system they can take their time, learn the characteristics of the server and what it does. An intelligent attack will stay dormant until it has gathered sufficient intel to launch its second attack and gain access to the wider network.


Cloud Every break in starts from scratch –

no more hopping In the cloud ecosystem, the bridges built between systems are hidden and transitory – they exist for the moments when utilised, and are then removed. There are no shared production servers running multiple production applications. Meaning the chances of you gaining access to a second critical resource and going unnoticed are extremely low.

Verdict: Cloud Wins


Attacks are inevitable but the cloud provides better protection

When directly compared with cloud, on-premises solutions simply do not offer the levels of security that modern businesses demand. In a highly digital world with rapidly transforming ecosystems attacks are, perhaps, inevitable so your ability to withstand and respond to these attacks

The cloud ecosystem provides you with the ability to absorb attacks through auto-scaling architecture and to deploy the latest tools and technologies as soon as required to combat attacks. It allows you to focus on driving business value and service provision and removes the complexity in keeping pace with the constantly evolving security landscape.

If you are still worried about ‘losing control’ then consider that, ultimately, the cloud service providers’ business is dependent on the security of their platform, so they are continually investing in and improving their security consistently in a way no single enterprise can match.

The cloud is actually a way to reduce risk and increase security while being able to grow the value of data elsewhere in the business.

Are you ready for the cloud? 


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