Our key projects

Our projects combine elements of our Data Services to deliver value to our customers – be that economic, business advantage or transformational process change. Discover our key projects below.

Data Strategy

We delivered an executable data strategy in just 8 weeks, developed with the whole business.

Intelligent Data Management

The Intelligent Data Management (iDM) proposition leverages modern data technologies and behavioural change to revolutionise the Data Management processes and maximise value.

BCBS239 Compliance

Our solution enabled users within the business to spend significantly less time on compliance-based activities and accelerate their BCBS journey, while providing them with the toolkit to leverage additional value derived from the new data landscape created.

Data Capability Assessment Model (DCAM)

Establishing an internal benchmark can be used to drive the uplift of capabilities and track progress over time through a consistent, clear approach.

Predictive complaints analysis.

We analysed over 43 billion data points, moving from preventing complaints to predicting them.

Financial Crime Risk Reduction

We helped our client drive a 50% increase in the identification of credit card transaction fraud.

Customer Journey Dashboards

In just 12 weeks we enabled our client to to focus their transformation investments on the highest impact improvements.

Data Science Education & Training

Our work with the client has directly helped unlock approximately £30million in achievable benefits in only the second year of operation of the team.

Machine Learning Propensity Model

Using machine learning, our client achieved a 25% increase in successful onboarding journeys, resulting in more than £20m of additional annual revenue.

Data Innovation Lab

In just nine weeks, we completed several experiments that significantly improved different areas for our client.

Social Media Sentiment

Natural Language Processing delivered surprising insights and improved customer experience.

Enterprise Insights Portal

Creating an enterprise wide portal acting as a single point of access for all management information.

Predictive Delivery Assurance

Defining an innovative quantitative measure of project delivery status and using machine learning to predict when projects are likely to deteriorate.

Personally Identifiable Information

Using Machine Learning to redact Personally Identifiable Information

Data Domain / Owner Assignment Prediction

Using machine learning to increase accuracy of the predictions.

Cloud Migration Risk Reduction

We delivered a production-strength cloud data platform architecture in 6 months, delivering real use cases for customers at scale.

Data-Driven Margin Improvement

Using a data-driven approach to locate hidden value in reconciliation and improve margins.

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