Project - Customer Journey Dashboards


There is no such thing as a standard customer journey. Creating outstanding customer experience requires a deep understanding of how people actually behave in the real world… a challenge when their electronic footprint spans many disparate systems.

Our value goals was to enable customer journey owners to improve customer experience based on new insights revealed about typical journeys.


In just 12 weeks, using advanced data engineering and visualisation on our clients’s highest priority journey.

The outcomes fundamentally altered the way change activities were defined, increasing the impact of transformational investments on the highest impact improvements and redefined key business metrics.

Mudano’s Approach

Unbounded questioning

Design thinking uncovered everything they wished they knew about their customers.

Data innovation

Data engineers and architects revealed, for the first time, the actual paths trodden by real customers by connecting systems their customers traversed.

Interactive information design

Information design created innovative visualisations to represent complex patterns of behaviour, enabling the business to clearly see the problems and opportunities.

See a Customer Journey Dashboard in action:

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