Project - Data Capability Assessment Model

Applying a consistent framework to assess and uplift data capabilities.

How can we measure and baseline our data capability maturity?


Establishing a successful data programme is a challenging and complex task. Data exists everywhere within an organisation and must be managed effectively, aligning people,  processes and technology. Applying a consistent framework, understanding where you are in your data journey and how mature your capabilities are is vital to driving a successful data organisation.

Our value goal was to translate the practice of data management into a quantifiable science and apply a consistent lens across the data organisation.


Organisations understand their current data capabilities and identify areas for growth. Establishing an internal benchmark can be used to drive the uplift of capabilities and track progress over time through a consistent, clear approach.

Our approach


We work with organisations to perform an independent assessment evaluating current capabilities. This is typically done through a series of interviews with a range of stakeholders and we utilise the opportunity to understand  current data challenges facing the organisation.


We provide a comprehensive view of key opportunities for improvement and assign a DCAM scores. Using the internationally recognised EDM Council’s benchmarking report, we  identify an organisation’s current position against industry peers.


Map key activities and milestones to a phased delivery plan. We use a data-driven approach, supporting organisations to define achievable, measurable targets and link them to business outcomes.


Assist organisations in their execution of improvement activities in line with industry best practice, by leveraging our reusable assets.

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