Project - Data Platform Engineering

Building a production-strength data platform to break apart siloed data and allow access to new customer and adviser insight across the entire organisation; from initial innovation experimentation to full organisation scale.

“Our legacy architecture is a fundamental blocker to achieving our business vision”


This organisation had a highly compartmentalised legacy technology estate, with seven core technology instances all operating largely standalone. Data and services were highly distributed and not managed as strategic assets which was blocking exploitation of value across the organisation.

The value goal was to design and implement a cloud data platform architecture that would demonstrate value quickly through achievement of priority analytical and engagement use cases.


We delivered a production-strength cloud data platform architecture in 6 months, delivering real use cases for customers at scale.

The successful use case has accelerated the definition of the business strategy and demonstrated that we now have the modern architecture suitable to take the business on into it’s next phase.

Plus, we’ve left behind the foundations of data ingestion, curation and exploitation across legacy source systems, and the patterns to make the next set of use cases deliverable over the course of weeks, not months.

Our approach

We start with value

“Let’s put all our data in one place, and that’ll solve all our problems”, we have seen this scenario play out across the Industry which has left a trail of data swamps in it’s wake. We built the data platform firmly from a use case led approach. ‘No Ingestion without Exploitation’ ensured that the engineering we implemented limited waste and focused on business value.

Start now and prototype…

Our cloud architects know that the best designs are those proven in implementation. We used our Inflatable Lab reference architecture to create a design ready for evolution for our client’s context and started testing components of the architecture within the first few weeks.

…including approach to scale

As part of developing the first series of use cases we laid the foundational patterns and frameworks which govern ingestion, curation and publication across the full platform today. Where we discover the need for a new pattern we have defined and tested the process on how the platform evolves for new technology and/or business requirements

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