Project - Data Strategy

Building a comprehensive data landscape through identification of true business value use cases – enabling our client to propose a transformational data strategy firmly based in value for the wider business.

We’ve defined our 2025 target state, but we don’t know how we’ll get there


Many organisations, including this one, start with strategies which define future concepts, but fall foul when you want to move to delivery. Creating a robust modern data strategy requires in built flexibility to change and understanding of the value delivered along the way.

Our value goal was to enable senior leaders within the business to prioritise valuable data delivery within the business, alongside the understanding of how this will achieve the target data landscape for the organisation.


We delivered an executable data strategy in just 8 weeks, developed with the whole business.

Our strategy triggered our client to invest in a new Cloud Data Platform and started a number of prototypes including Single View of the Customer and development of new customer engagement channels.

Data led decision making needs to start with the data teams. Our approach to the strategy as a process rather than a concept meant that we got started 12 weeks before the business and technology strategy delivery teams and we set a new way to engage with strategy across senior leadership.

Our approach

Set the vision & constraints

We start with value. We built a value focused vision for data within the organisation (rather than a capability focused one) and worked through the implications in terms of target architecture and organisational design. This allowed us to create a lightweight target framework to prioritise our use cases with the business.

Build the business value backlog

We put business users at the heart of the strategy by uncovering what challenges they faced, and opportunities they were targeting for their aspects of the business. By capturing these use cases we could assess which were of highest value, and would provide us the right engine to get to our target state.

Start now and prototype

Our information designers and visualisation engineers brought the strategy to life through prototyping high priority use cases, and visualising the data from the strategy to encourage data-led decision making. And living the culture we were trying to build.

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