Project - Enterprise Insights Portal

Creating an enterprise wide portal acting as a single point of access for all management information.

We have inefficient and cumbersome processes to identify the correct data and related reports. This results in multiple versions of the truth, lack of trust and wasted time.


Financial Services organisations have spent millions of pounds generating new insights and MI – but often within disjointed siloes and platforms. As a result, these solutions become difficult to use and govern with users struggling to find insights and maintain trust and consistency.

Our value goal was to transform the way an organisation engages with data, enabling users via an intelligent assistant for insights, search and discovery.


The Insights Portal, enabled by intelligent ML models, enables users through a single front-end to efficiently consume and publish insights across multiple platforms, in line with data policy and standards.

Incorporating the Insights Portal into decision making structures will allow organisations to access the right data, in the right format, quickly. This enables organisations to begin to build a culture of data-driven decision making and empower people to make fast and actionable decisions backed up by data.

Our approach

Front-end portal

The ‘face’ of the platform – a web application that provides the single point of access for users to search, discover, consume and upload insights.

AI and metadata

The ‘brain’ of the platform – stores rich descriptive insights metadata (contents description, tags, ratings, feedback, usage stats) and runs the AI-enabled search and recommendation engine.


Connects to your BI and ML platforms (Qlik, PowerBI, ThoughtSpot, Tableau, SAS Viya, etc.) and pulls information to be unified and streamlined.

See it in action

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