Project - Intelligent Data Management

Guiding and accelerating federated data management approaches through AI-enabled methods and solutions. Intelligent Data Management enables organisations to automate and optimise how data management processes are designed and implemented.

We have a complex data management tooling suite that hinders our data community’s ability to deliver value


Data management activities can become time consuming to get right without the appropriate level of data knowledge. Processes are often performed by key business resources with little support from others. This means that those same resources are taken away from their valuable business activities. To make matters worse, without the right support structure the output is often poor quality. This leads to convoluted journeys for users in the data community and a lack of trust in the data itself.

Our value goal was to enable modern data management capabilities by developing a single access point to the data management tooling landscape, designed to serve each role in the data community through streamlined journeys enriched with machine intelligence.


The Intelligent Data Management (iDM) proposition leverages modern data technologies and behavioural change to revolutionise the data management processes and maximise value.

  • Democratises access to key information to the business and streamlines the work of core data practitioners
  • Channels data management processes into value adding activities, through animations, storytelling and manuals that support a data management community

Our approach

Tooling integration and alignment

Entire tooling landscape accessible from one place so users do not have to switch between different platforms, creating streamlined user journeys and ensuring consistent access and consumption of information.

Data Management insights

Dashboards and visualisations that are tailored to specific roles (e.g. data consumers vs data owners) to maximise the value from insights and provide a consistent single view across all data management capabilities.

Behavioural change and Operating Model

User journeys that discovers your data persona and are tailored to data roles to guide users through the target operating model, enabling embedding of data management activities into business-as-usual.

AI-powered Data Management utilities

Machine learning applied to data disciplines such as data quality, metadata management and data ownership- automating steps along the data management process and improving the accuracy of the information created.

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