Why I traded a great job at IBM for a once in a lifetime opportunity at Mudano

Graeme Asquith
Chief Customer Officer

What a whirlwind first couple of weeks at Mudano!

Thank you for all the good wishes. Perhaps unsurprisingly I’ve sensed a few raised eyebrows about why I would leave a position as Executive Partner at IBM to join a young data company called Mudano.

Well the truth is I was also surprised to find myself handing in my badge after an incredible 16 years with such an amazing company. But a chance meeting with one of the founders of Mudano (an ex-IBM colleague) opened the door to a different world and an irresistible opportunity.

Mudano is a machine learning and data company, focused on helping Financial Services companies gain more value from their data. They deliver data projects such as innovation and analytics labs, data migrations, new tech solutions such as machine learning led data quality analysis, and large scale data regulation like GDPR and BCBS. Mudano is also investing millions every year to apply the same data led decision making concepts to their own business to fundamentally transform the consulting industry.

But it’s not just the ‘what’ that drew me in, it’s also the ‘why’ and the ‘how’.

Mudano was born from a deep frustration shared by its founders (all ex Big 4 and large SI) that Financial Services organisations continue to waste huge sums of money and human capital on IT change projects. And that so little of the technology innovation that’s revolutionising business models (AI, machine learning, behavioural science etc.) is actually being used to improve the delivery of change.

Mudano’s vision is that over time it will be increasingly possible to automate projects, combining technology, data and algorithms with highly engaged (but smaller) teams to massively increase project efficiency and the creation of real business value. That’s what Mudano is doing, harvesting reams of real project data and building a people / process / tech framework (they call it Delivery Science) that they use to deliver projects — already saving clients millions and accelerating measurable business value.

In terms of the how … well the culture at Mudano is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Owned by the leadership team who are completely unified around the vision / values and fully prepared to put their money where their mouth is in commercials. Employing an incredibly diverse range of skills and selecting only the cream from world class organisations (their rejection rate is higher than Harvard’s … how did I slip through the net?) but all incredibly motivated and sharing a passion for exceptional client delivery. And refreshingly without the usual internal politics, egos, baggage, daft processes etc. — anything that’s dysfunctional or non value adding is just eliminated. If you go ‘back stage’ at Mudano there is nothing that you wouldn’t be proud to let clients see …

I’ve worked client side and as a consultant in FS for 25 years and I truly believe Mudano offers something absolutely unique — in terms of proposition, client experience, value delivered. And their incredible client results and business growth over the last 3 years is testament that the market feels likewise.

Anyway, I hope this starts to answer the ‘why Mudano’ question — it’s how consulting / delivery should be, it’s what clients should expect.

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