Data services that transform the entire relationship with data

We're a data company. We work with financial services companies to transform not just the way they use their data, but their entire relationship with their data.

Our data services span 5 main areas:

Data strategy

Helping CDOs create practical ways to drive their organisations forward with data.

We will connect your data capabilities to the strategic goals of your organisation and ensure data becomes a core enabler for your business. Our broad data expertise means we can work with you to define a data strategy which drives your organisation forward, but is grounded in the complexities of delivery and your legacy estate. We will support you in establishing the policies, governance and advocacy required to drive a culture which understands the value in your data.

Data analytics

Helping our clients find ways to drive value from data insights and then build solutions to deliver that value.

From MI to advanced prediction, we will help you extract meaning from your data. We understand the unique balance of data storytelling, design and data engineering required to make analytical insights drive behaviour change. Our systematic approach will prepare, organise, model and visualise the data to support business teams identifying patterns and opportunities.

Applied machine learning

Using data science, visualisation and tech to push the boundaries of what’s possible with data.

We have a proven data innovation lab model focussed on finding new ways to grow, disrupt and drive value from live data. We help you build a highly secure, highly creative space supporting the build out of your data culture, and back that up with deep expertise in data science, visualisation and experiment design. We will help you reframe your understanding of what is possible with data.

Regulatory compliance

We’re trusted by the UK’s biggest financial institutions to keep them on the right side of the regulator when it comes to data.

We urge a proactive rather than reactive approach to regulation and will help you create an environment in which compliance becomes second nature. By integrating compliance into your data strategy and governance approach we can help you optimise regulatory spend to drive value for the business. Our teams of data experts combined with our regulation partners will deliver you compliant solutions quickly and build automations to keep you compliant.

Data transformation

Building the technical foundations that make data innovation possible – data engineering, data quality, migration, storage and more.

Our ability to deliver innovative new solutions is underpinned by our depth of experience in the heavy lifting required to modernise data architectures. Data engineering, data quality, data migration, data storage, warehouses and big data solutions are our heritage. We bring the leading experts in data delivery and architecture and always focus delivering the data capabilities which drive value for your business.

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