Transforming the way our customers use data

Data and machine learning technologies are fundamentally changing Financial Services. We are constantly evolving data solutions which drive this future.

Our deep Financial Services and data expertise, coupled with a drive for innovation and a proven ability to change data culture, creates an unrivalled partner for clients seeking to transform their organisations to succeed in this new world built on data and AI.

Our capabilities

Our core capabilities focus on a need to create data innovation and change. All capabilities are informed by Data Culture to help clients realise real business value.

Data Strategy

Building strategies which create practical ways to drive organisations forward with data.

Data Analytics

Helping our clients find ways to drive value from data insights and then building solutions to deliver that value.

Data Innovation and Applied Machine Learning

Using data science, visualisation and tech to push the boundaries of what’s possible with data.

Intelligent Data Management

Supporting our clients in driving intelligent and automated ways of managing their data assets to maximise value and reduce risk.

Data Platform Engineering

Design and build all aspects of the data estate required to run a complex FS organisation.

Data Culture

Using our expertise in behavioural change and experience design, we help our clients embed the right data culture by supporting teams to change their understanding of data through education, hands-on experience, upskilling and recruitment.

We configure our 5 main Data Services into a unique set of Projects for our clients.

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