What is life like as a Data Scientist at Mudano? (Spoiler alert, it’s pretty great)

Euan Wielewski

By Euan Wielewski, Head of Research, Mudano

Data science and machine learning is at the centre of Mudano’s mission to revolutionise the way complex IT transformation projects are delivered. We passionately believe that by applying machine learning we can solve some of the most challenging problems facing the industry and take steps towards our vision of the autonomous project.

To achieve that vision we have assembled a blockbuster team of data scientists. Our data scientists are the best and brightest the industry has to offer, with PhDs from world-leading universities and a proven track record of developing machine learning solutions to complex industry problems.

Data science and machine learning at Mudano is broadly split into customer-facing and R&D roles. Our customer-facing data scientists work on site to solve client problems, and our R&D data scientists work at our Edinburgh R&D centre, making sure we stay at the cutting-edge and develop scalable machine learning services.

In reality, we operate as one data science family with a lot of cross-over between the different data science roles. Customer-facing data scientists are expected to spend time learning about the latest machine learning research and R&D data scientists often work with clients to develop machine learning prototypes.

Whether you are a customer-facing data scientist or a R&D data scientist, you are strongly encouraged and supported to further develop your data science skills. We have a regular Machine Learning Club, where our data scientists get the opportunity to present their recent work or go through a new research paper. These are really interesting events and I’m always amazed at the projects our data scientists are working on!

Mudano provides every employee with a generous annual personal development budget and many of our data scientists use this to boost their technical knowledge. I used my budget this year to do a nanodegree in deep learning, covering topics like image classification, natural language processing, generative adversarial networks and reinforcement learning.

Data scientists at Mudano are also passionate about evangelising and teaching data science to non-data scientists. We run regular internal courses on data science, teach data science to business students at the UK’s top universities and even publish books on machine learning techniques! We attend and present at meetups and conferences, including top international academic conferences. This year we sent our R&D data scientists to NeurIPS 2018 in Montreal, Canada to learn about the latest advances in machine learning.

Overall, life as a data scientist in Mudano is pretty great. You get to work on challenging problems, in a supportive environment with some of smartest people in the field. Drop me a message if that sounds appealing and join us on our journey!

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